Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's a Wonderful Life in Galena, Il

If you have been in my shop this holiday season you may have noticed what I have hanging from the ceiling as part of my Christmas display.  It's a Wonderful Life is one of my very favorite movies at Christmas time. You can imagine the excitement in me when I had the opportunity to purchase a set of these.       Last year I had borrowed 2 of these from a different friend of mine.  They were featured in my windows.  It was so sad to have to return them.  Everyone who came in wanted to buy them, too.

It truly IS a Wonderful Life !!!!!!

Now I have a set to call my own.  These were featured in Target stores when they were promoting the Bedford Falls villages and accessories in the store.  Sadly most of the stores threw these away after Christmas.  After all they are cardboard and who would want them, right?  Fortunately a friend of mine had the opportunity to gather some and has sold them to me.   - - - - - --  YES, I have some for sale at the shop. One set already went to an eating establishment in Chicago.  He was excited to get them.  These are extremely rare so if you or someone you knows wants a set   - - - - - - - --  best stop in!          Shirley

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  1. Your store looks cool! I live nowhere near it but I'll have to stop by if I ever am.

    I found your blog when researching my cardboard ornament of George and Zuzu. It was passed along to me and I just today found out that it's from Target. It's nice to see other ones. Do you know if these were all that existed in total, or might there be others out there?


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