Monday, April 16, 2012

Photography Props

Old Bike
I'm grateful for all of the photographers that have visited my store in Galena looking for props to add to their collection. There visit has inspired me to put together an assortment of items that may help another one create that memorable photo session for someone special.

Vintage Bow Ties
Vintage Suitcase and Lamps
Cosmetic Case and Suitcase
Vintage Ties
Vintage Hats
Children's Size Top Hat
Old Red Chair
Children's Soda Fountain Table and Chairs
Vintage Pink Tea Set
Old Umbrellas
Vintage Nightgowns (Boudoir Sessions)
Picnic Setting (Tablecloth, Metal Basket, and Dinnerware)
Here are a few of the lamps that we have.  Place them on a antique end table next to a 1950-60's model sofa.  Or as it was called, a davenport.  Have the family pose for an old fashioned photo. 
1950's Lamp (Set)
1950's Lamp
Shabby Chic Lamp with Metal Flowers

FYI:  Just a reminder that our hours are Fri-Mon 10-5pm.  We'll let you know when Summer hours start.


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  1. Lot of cute pictures Mom. I love the bow ties and can envision Sam and Max in them. :o)


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