Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Shop Windows

If you are a regular to my shop, you know that I change my window displays each and every month. Today I am sharing my vintage sewing window and Easter window with you. I just love the paper mache' eggs in the suitcase.  They are made in Germany. From the time I put them in, I have sold three of them already. SO CUTE!  I have also added some funky Easter bonnets and an old Gund bunny.  I recently came across some vintage child's sewing machines.  The dark blue one I have never seen before.  Couldn't pass it up. At the bottom front I have a early 1900's adjustable sewing pattern made of heavy cardboard along with the original book.  This is for making Victorian clothing.  So old but so neat!  Both the Featherweight and Aqua Singer machines have both been refurbished at the sewing doctor and work great.  I own a Featherweight myself and I love it.  I hear quilters love these too.  If you are looking for vintage fabrics and patterns, I have them.  Included are 2 rolls of Chintz fabric that are large enough to do several projects.

Hope you have enjoyed seeing my displays.  This part of owning my own shop is one of my favorites.  Thanks for visiting---------------until next time--------------Shirley

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