Saturday, April 23, 2011

Vintage clothing anyone???

Uploading some pics today of some of my collection of vintage clothing and accessories. My friend Angie stopped in one day and found a cute dress she couldn't live without. What do you think? Doesn't she look cute? Thanks, Angie, for letting me post your picture. I have recently added to this collection. Also bought a neat old store sign from my friend Polly at Polly Anns in Mt. Vernon, Ia. Thanks Polly, this looks awesome at the shop!
Always hunting for more clothing to add to my (and hopefully YOUR) collection. So if you are ever in the neighborhood -------------------- stop in! See ya, Shirls


  1. Hey, hey!!! Love the new sign!!! It looks like I am going to be getting to dig through that vintage clothing I was talking about... Once I get some things together and sorted out I will let you know.
    Hope you had a great Easter!!!
    Polly Ann

  2. Thanks for selling it to me. It was perfect. Congrats on winning the bid. Have fun picking, I'm soooooo jealous!!!!! Shirls


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