Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wow what a ride it's been !!!

Can't believe March 1st is almost here. Last year this time I was busy setting up my shop on Main St. Moving in was a lot of work but I had a lot of help from family and friends. April 1st was my opening date and I am trying to plan something special for my first year anniversary. Any ideas out there?
I have met a lot of nice people there and a lot of them have come back over and over again. I can't say THANK YOU enough !!! My vintage clothing and accessories have been a big hit. Altered art people have found some really neat things there and lots of photographers have come in for props. Collectors have found that special item to add to their collection, some have been looking for years for a certain item. I even keep a "want book" for people to add to. And there is a lady in town who loves my primitives. If you are looking for 50's retro kitchen, I have it. The retro and clothing have been my most popular items.
Today a young college man came in and purchased a little child's tea set to give to a teacher. He says they always have tea together. I thought " what a nice thing to do".
It never fails to surprise me when someone finds something special for someone else.
If you ever come in on a Friday you met my daughter, Jennifer. She is my mentor when it comes to marketing and keeping me up to date on the latest. She makes the neatest one-of-a-kind greeting cards and sells them at the shop. She is a dog lover and uses her 3 "boys" for models on the cards among other things she see here and there. She does a great job with the cards. Make sure you check them out when you come in. She also loves to recycle things and has a line of jewelry there. Just recently she introduced her Pin-up girls necklaces. Cute!!!!
I have so many plans for the shop and items to bring in. Today I put some children's games from the 40's and 50's. The Candy Land game is the exact one I had as a child. Tempted to just frame the game board, it is soooooooooo cute!!! If you are a camera buff, you will find some things from the 40's.
Do hope you enjoy my blog. Feel free to make comments so I know you're out there. Shirley

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