Thursday, November 15, 2012


Do you recycle and repurpose items?  We do at All That's Vintage.  This year I decided to do some repurposing myself along with 2 of my friends.
I have been adding vintage Christmas items to paper mache' houses, then adding glitter and snow. One friend makes "new" ornaments by repurposing other ornaments and toys and just about anything by adding vintage Christmas items to hers. Then don't forget the Canfolks, my friend makes little characters using vintage spice tins and such for their bodies.
It's good to go green when you can, don't you agree?  My daughter has been recycling typewriter keys and scrabble tiles into necklaces.  She is working on some Christmas ones.  Will post later when she is finished with them.  You can do your part by starting a family tradition of buying recycled Christmas and add to it each year.  

And remember, all of these are one-of-a-kind!    Hope to see you during the Holiday Season  - - - - Shirley

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