Sunday, October 14, 2012

Stuck in the 80's, time to remodel

We moved into our own house in 1975 and have done some remodeling thru the years.  The kitchen floor had been replaced and the cupboards (which were solid but ugly) had been refaced.  The countertop has never been touched.  UGLY GREEN !!!     Now, you all know how I love vintage and all but it gets to a certain point when things have to change.  I love the look of beadboard and a country look so I decided it was time to do it, now or never.  So I have posted some pictures to follow you thru the remodel project. Now you know why I haven't had time to pay the attention to my blog which it needs!
The 880's blue and heart border and wallpaper had to go.  This is the wall I want the beadboard on.
When the floor was removed the original brick look was underneath.  What memories that brought!
We decided on a stone look tile with some gray to match our new walls (they were green) and some brown to bring out the oak cupboards and flecks of white to match the beadboard.  It was the perfect decision.

The white beadboard has made such a difference.  I LOVE IT !!!!   My husband did a wonderful job. Today he continues to lay trim.   After the new sink and countertop is in I will be posting again.  Until then---------   Shirley and Dave

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  1. I love it Mom!!! I'm going to show the kids the picture of what the old floor looked like. I was telling them a while back about it when we saw something similar somewhere. Can't remember now where. I told them that I would build my block cities with the lines as my guide. It looks great and I love the bead board too!


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