Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Checkers Table

I just love my checkers table!  This came in handy when the grandchildren were all here.  Sam and Grandpa and others had fun playing a game of checkers on it.  Here they are sitting on the porch having fun.
When mealtime came and the house was full of people it came in handy for the children to sit in their little vintage chairs and eat their yummy meal.  ( Potlucks are so much fun aren't they? ).
After the familys went home the table looked so empty! :(    I miss them all!

When the weather turns cold I will be using this as a coffee table in the living room.  Who knows, perhaps Grandpa and myself will play a game of checkers too!!!!                             Grandma Shirley


  1. Darling table! I may have to add this to my DIY project list!

  2. Sweet Mom! We miss it (and you) a lot already. :)


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