Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Six on a bench

Am I bad??  I haven't been blogging everyday as I should.  There are 6 good reasons for this.  Grandbabies!!!    I am taking a "vacation" to spend time with the family.  Some came from as far as Spokane, Wa. to visit.  The store is still open (except Tues.).  My friendly staff are watching it for me until next Wed.
Trying to get each of the kids to smile and look at the camera at the same time is almost impossible so I chose the best of the bunch.  Maggie (the girl with the doll) is finding Grandma's vintage toys are sure neat to play with.  Sam (the oldest one) and Ethan (next to him) thinks the metal gas station rocks!   Who says you need electronics to have fun?
Having said that, I hope you all are keeping cool.   See you back at the store soon,       Shirley

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