Friday, May 4, 2012

Follow Up: Social Networking in Galena Illinois

Social Media is a powerful tool for marketing.  Do you have a business in Galena, IL?  I highly recommend that you visit the Social Media Meeting that is held the first Tuesday of the month at the Grape Escape. The group is sponsored by  Dinner and beverages are provided.

Due to previous time constraints this was my first meeting.  Jolene, from Galena Reservations, Robyn Davis, from Slumber, my daughter, Jennifer (Eightymillion), and Catherine Kouzmanoff (owner of the Grape) were also present.  Catherine shared her knowledge of networking our businesses and strategies to support other local shops, restaurants, lodging, music events, etc.

We discussed the benefits of Pinterest and Twitter.  Catherine assisted Robyn with setting up her new account for her business on Twitter.  Slumber's page can be found here.

Next months topic will cover blogging. 

Will you be there?  I sure will.


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