Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday at All That's Vintage

It's Black Friday. The one day that most people wait for all year. Have you enjoyed all the commercials they aired all week in prep for this day? Personally, the Crazy Target lady was my favorite.

So, where will you be spending your Black Friday? I will be at the shop and we wanted to let you know of a couple of specials that we have going on. Pictured above you see the NKOTB Tour Jacket. It has been admired by several people. It's been preserved neatly in a box for over 20 years, so why not add a bow to that box and gift it to the fan on your list. The coat has been marked down considerably, so stop in and check it out.

Are you a collector of Milkglass Fire King Dinnerware? We've got a vintage set containing 50 pieces. With the gold trim to each piece it will look elegant on your holiday table this season. The set had been marked down to fit your budget and sure to add a nice touch to the meal.

And don't forget the Mannequin Lamp that welcomes you into the store. People have been collecting these to dress up in their homes for everyone to enjoy. It's football season so why not throw on your favorite team jersey. With a savings of 50% it'll add a nice touch to your home.

Be sure to stop in and see the other great items that we have. Affordable gifts for everyone on your list.

P.S. Are you wondering why this entire post is underlined? Well, so am I. Blogger was done for a bit this morning, so when it was back up and running I noticed this little kink......oh well:)


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